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Innovative Design and Fabrication
Welcome to Rogue Valley Microdevices

Founded in 2003, Rogue Valley Microdevices is the first company to establish a microelectronics manufacturing facility in beautiful Southern Oregon. Headquartered in Medford Oregon, we have quickly established ourselves as one of the premier MEMS Companies in the United States. Our MEMS foundry & manufacturing facility contains processing equipment capable of volume manufacturing yet flexible enough to accommodate wafer sizes from 50.8mm to 300mm. We offer full Device Fabrication and Design services along with a variety of individual processes to support our growing network of satisfied customers.

Our MEMS Foundry Capabilities include Metal Lift off, Front to Back Alignment, Wet and Dry Etch, Low Stress LPCVD Nitride, LPCVD Undoped Polysilicon, PECVD Oxide, PECVD Carbon Doped Oxide, PECVD Nitride, Wet and Dry Thermal Oxidation, N2/H2 Annealing, and a variety of PVD and Electroplated Metal Films.

MEMS Fabrication

With over 50 years combined experience in MEMS fabrication and MEMS design our engineering team can quickly develop a turn key process for your most innovative MEMS product line. Rogue Valley Microdevices maintains a wide selection of thin films along with fully developed MEMS process modules that enable full device fabrication to be performed in house. Having the capability to offer a more complete solution helps increase productivity, and enhances communication between our engineering team and yours. This unique approach helps to reduce cost, shorten process lead-time and increase your bottom line.

Wafer Services

Rogue Valley Microdevices offers over fifty unique thin films and a varity of individual MEMS manufacturing processes to help support our worldwide customer base. Our thin film processes are designed to handle silicon wafer substrates as well as a varity of other material such as quartz, glass and aluminum nitride wafers. We actively work with our customers to reduce their operating costs by developing and maintaining non-standard thin film processes like our E-Beam evaporated gold/tin eutectic coating, low temperature, slow deposition PECVD oxide, and targeted stress LPCVD nitride.

Silicon Wafers

In the MEMS and semiconductor manufacturing industry, silicon wafers are an important building block. Rogue Valley Microdevices understand that quality and consistency is imperative to device manufacturing and we are dedicated to providing our customers with solutions. We stock a varity of standard silicon wafer sizes and specification for your convenience. In addition to our stock wafers, Rogue Valley Microdevices maintains a close network of silicon wafer manufactures. Silicon wafers can be ordered as bare substrates or in combination with any one of our many processes to be delivered to you as starting material.